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Safety is our business too…



Health & Safety

Watershed have built up a reputation as being a leader in health and safety.  Our company motto ‘Be Safe. Think it through’ represents a health and safety philosophy that our policies, processes and procedures are built on.

Watershed understand their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and are aware of their obligations to the client to overlook, monitor and measure safe work practices.  Developing a systematic approach to health and safety, both internally and externally, has established Watershed as a front runner in this field.

Watershed select their contractors based on their proven track record.  Contractors must demonstrate that they have the necessary experience, qualifications and overall competency before being considered for a Watershed managed project.  Included in Watershed’s services to the client are fortnightly site inspections where the head contractor’s workplace practices are systematically checked.   Watershed staff are trained in hazard management and are skilled in identifying, monitoring and reviewing workplace documentation and on site work practices.

Watershed’s health and safety systems are continually evolving to ensure we stay current with the latest guidelines and regulations.  We are a registered member of SiteSafe and receive industry updates through subscriptions with Worksafe NZ, FMANZ, and other industry sources.  Accessing and sharing this information, both within and beyond our organisation, emphasises Watershed’s commitment to spreading knowledge and building experience and safe practices throughout the industry.

Watershed’s acknowledged health and safety track record has been achieved through prioritising effective implementation of our processes and procedures.  When it comes to health and safety, ‘Be Safe. Think it through’ will remain Watershed’s ongoing philosophy and encouraged message to the industry, and those we work with.