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it’s all about managing projects…


Project Management:

We are experienced project managers, with a track record of delivering large, medium and small scale projects across our client base. Careful and concise planning is the key to delivering projects on time and Watershed applies systems and communication methodology which establishes and maintains positive and trusting relationships between all parties.

As an industry leader, we have well-developed connections with a complete range of service providers from architects and consultants through to contractors and specialised sub-contractors. These relationships are balanced at all times with a professional level of integrity and impartiality

Services include:

  • Client Representative
  • Design Management
  • Project Establishment and Strategy
  • Planning and Programming
  • Contract Administration

  • Procurement Management
  • Risk Management
  • Value Management
  • Resource Consent Management

Asset Management:

Often we come across clients that have been handed over a new building or plant with no plan about how to maintain their asset, or they have an ageing asset and are unsure about where to start or allocate resource in improving that asset. Our work with a range of clients developing asset management plans across various industries has seen clients gain a better understanding of their assets through improved and current information which has enabled realistic and reasonable maintenance and/or replacement over the assets expected lifecycle.

Services include:

  • Asset auditing and cataloguing
  • Asset lifecycle and replacement scheduling
  • Compliance checking, including Health and Safety
  • Cyclical maintenance planning, supervision and sign off
  • Liaise with other consultants, e.g. architects, engineers and other third parties, on our client’s behalf
  • Asset Replacement Scheduling
  • 5YA and 10YPP Development

Watershed’s effectiveness is a natural consequence of an integrated approach, vast experience, robust systems and the right amount of care. These attributes help set us apart from the rest.