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Auckland Council | Lagoon Leisure & Fitness | Spa Pool Upgrade

Client: Auckland Council
Facility: Lagoon Fitness & Leisure Centre
Project: Spa Pool Refurbishment

Project Details:

The spa pool at Lagoon Fitness & Leisure was in a poor condition. Auckland Council determined that a comprehensive renewal package needed to be programmed to improve the performance of the asset. Watershed identified as requiring replacement was the spa dump valve, tiling, covers and the skylight. We were asked to review the project scope and recommend a way forward. Once the scope is confirmed, Watershed managed the various project elements on site and delivered the project. The Spa Pool received a complete re-tile and installation of new skimmer baskets. The removal of some walls improved circulation and all handrails were replaced with stainless steel. A new dump valve was also installed. The facility now has a refurbished Spa Pool that is compliant with NZS4441:2008.

Client Contact:

Auckland Council | Jane Franich