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Lauriston Park


Aquatics Facilities Auditing

What Was Done

After initially being required to provide design and operational input into the aquatic facilities at a new Village, we were then further engaged to develop operational manuals and subsequently audit the operations.


Our Audits focus on supplying valuable information to the Healthcare Organisations on the condition of the assets and the operational performance of facility staff.

The new facility was fully compliant and in fact exceeded minimum requirements. The facility was simple and cost effective to operate.

The training and auditing upskilled staff with no pool experience from the outset.

Audits were initially quarterly and due to improved staff performance and outputs, reduced to six monthly.

This reduction in audit frequency is a true indicator of their effectiveness and our attitude to partnering with our clients to achieve what is best for them, and in turn their clients.

We are extremely proud of our relationship with this facility from conception through to successful operations.