5YA & 10YPP Planning

Watershed has significant expertise in the education sector, working with the Ministry of Education, State Schools, Integrated Schools, Independent Schools, Specialist Education Providers, Kura and Wharekura. We pride ourselves on the quality of our results, strong and robust management systems and on-time completion. One of our core strengths is the ability to assess school property, highlight key issues and opportunities and provide a practical plan for moving forward that aligns with our clients’ desired outcomes. We believe it is important to offer a tailored service for our clients based on their needs and are keen to work with you to ensure we can help complement the strengths internally to ensure the best outcomes.

Full Condition Assessments

Identify and highlight current condition and risks, condition assessment of school property including review against any existing planning documents.

  • Highlight key operational concerns
  • Update of Ministry of Education
  • Condition Assessment documents
  • Check and update Ministry of Education database
  • Check and update Ministry of Education database
  • Obtain specialist sign-offs (and any required full specialist reports)
  • Review of compliance, health and safety and risk identification
  • Review of property maintenance
  • Review of school cleaning.

Develop the 10 Year Property Plan with the Board of Trustees

Facilitate a workshop with the school (if required) following the receipt of the Property Assessment to determine the key objectives and principles for property. This will help set the framework for management moving forward and inform the development of a 10 Year Property Plan, and subsequent 5YA.

The scope of the plan to cover:

  • Set key objectives for school property and environment
  • Define goals and objectives
  • Develop an approach to achieve the vision
  • Ministry of Education approval of 10YPP and 5YA

We will discuss issues and options to give the school an independent critique and recommend ways to improve the school property through improved operations, maintenance planning and proposed capital works.