Abra Downey Project Manager & Property Consultant

Abra joined Watershed in May 2018 after several years at home with her children. Before that, Abra worked for over 10 years in the project industry for several large scale companies, most recently Beca and Spark NZ.  During her time with these companies, Abra became passionate about all facets of project work (taking several of Beca’s project manager training courses) and end-to-end process improvement.

She has extensive experience in assisting managers with project workflow and resourcing, monitoring project budgets and timeframes to ensure there are “no surprises”, technical and tender writing, end to end process improvement, and document control for local and international multidisciplinary projects alike.

Abra is a natural team player and loves new challenges, her past legal and project experience give her a great eye for detail and excellent problem solving skills which are used on a daily basis in her role at Watershed.

In her downtime, her love of challenges also extends into her personal life where she can be found trying to maximize the yields in her organic garden, perfecting her sourdough recipes, and chasing her husband and two sons around the BMX track.