Aquatic & Recreation Facilities

Watershed provides independent consultancy services to the aquatics and recreation industry. Our impartial practical advice for all facility needs enables us to solve problems and reduce costs through educating, informing and training.

The work we undertake includes

  • Review of current facility procedures, systems and operations
  • Trouble shooting investigations
  • Consultant peer review
  • Treatment concepts and advice on process options
  • Plant optimisation and strategic planning
  • Asset management and life-cycle planning
  • Client support and representation during supplier evaluations and negotiations
  • Work as part of design teams to deliver functional and efficient facilities
  • Specialist consultant advice to comply with regulations and standards
  • Individualised staff training that ensures the principles of good water treatment and facility operations are understood
  • Ongoing maintenance and operational audits to ensure plant is running to optimum condition
  • Liaise with other consultants, e.g. architects, engineers and other third parties, on our client’s behalf
  • Develop and implement operations manuals.

We specialise in providing full facility auditing services for both private clients and Local Government across New Zealand. We have found that the combination of an initial audit of the facility and on-going quarterly audits:

  • Lifts overall standards
  • Reduces adverse issues and the resource employed to rectify them
  • Provides significant medium to long term cost savings
  • Improves service levels.
  • Educates both management and staff to help broaden their knowledge base to confidently develop skills and solve problems..

In a nutshell, we cover all aspects of facility management from the front door to the plant room.