Body Corporate Asset Management & Planning

Often we come across Body Corporates that have been handed over a new building or plant with no plan about how to maintain the asset, or they have an aging asset and are unsure about where to start or allocate resource in improving it.

Our work with a wide range of clients developing asset management plans across various industries has seen clients gain a better understanding of their assets through improved and current information which has enabled realistic and reasonable maintenance and/or replacement over the assets expected life-cycle.

Services include

  • Compliance checking, including health and safety
  • Cyclical maintenance planning, supervision and sign off
  • Liaise with other consultants, e.g. architects, engineers and other third parties, on our client’s behalf
  • Obtain specialist sign-offs (and any required full specialist other third parties, on our client’s behalf reports)
  • 15 Year Plans (15YPP)
  • Asset auditing and cataloguing
  • Asset life-cycle and replacement scheduling
  • Long Term Maintenance Plans (LTMP)
  • Review of property maintenance
  • Asset replacement scheduling
  • Highlight key operational concerns

A good 15 Year Plan prioritises projects that will help achieve future goals and maintain the asset. The 15 Year Plans should be produced every three years showing what the Body Corporate does and how it will work towards achieving what the building and its owners need for the future.

Watershed has significant expertise in writing, developing and delivering effective 15 Year Plans. We pride ourselves on the quality of our results, strong and robust management systems and on-time completion. One of our core strengths is the ability to assess property, highlight key issues and opportunities and provide a practical plan for moving forward, that aligns with our clients’ desired outcomes and budgets. We believe it is important to offer a tailored service for our clients based on their needs and are keen to work with you to ensure that we can help complement the strengths internally to ensure the best outcomes.

We provide totally independent reports and seek tenders based on your needs providing full transparency of the work we do.