Linh Ho Project Manager & Property Consultant

Linh joined the Watershed team in August 2021. She holds a Business Degree majoring in Information Systems and Human Resource Management. Her experience has been in the Public Health sector specialising in Information Technology (IT).

She has a vast skill set and knowledge from multiple roles ranging from customer services, providing technical support, delivering IT projects and leadership. Linh is customer and delivery driven, she always puts the client in the centre and strives for the best outcome to deliver.

She appreciates working alongside the public sector, spending many years in public health utilising technology for efficiencies in patients’ medical journey. Watershed’s involvement with the Ministry of Education gives her a sense of fulfilment being involved in projects management and property management for schools and other facilities.

Outside of work enjoys trying new food, socialising with family and friends. She spends a lot of time at the gym and is always up for a spontaneous activity.