School Cleaning

We think that cleaning schools is an important property task and since 2006 we have been school cleaners.

With a school property management background we utilise and implement simple strategies that support and partner our schools in attaining consistent high standards. We know you may receive a less expensive quote, but we strongly believe in the cleaning industry, you get what you pay for.

We also recognise that serious challenges confront conventional cleaning services, and therefore our clients. These problems typically stem from:

  • A lack of supervision, communication and motivation
  • A lack of training, support and backup with no team spirit
  • Little concern about the job being done

The results you get are a direct reflection of how well individuals are trained, motivated and supervised. Finding a way to assure the ability to supervise, consistently motivate and support the cleaning team solves these problems.

We have the procedures, personnel, equipment, insurance and support necessary to become an integral part of your operations.

It’s simple – good planning, excellent communication and quick responses to feedback.