School Cyclical Planning

Watershed has expertise in providing professional advice, support and services to the aquatics, recreation and education sectors New Zealand wide, but particularly the Northland, Auckland and Bay of Plenty regions.

Through Watershed’s experience with schools and by working with the Ministry of Education, we have a great understanding of the cyclical maintenance planning needs to maintain school property and to extend the life of the school’s property assets.

Your caretaker may be too busy dealing with day to day tasks, your Executive Officer (if you are lucky enough to have one) will be flat out with the business of the school, and the Principal will be busy dealing with teaching and learning.

We can manage the cyclical maintenance requirements on the schools behalf to ensure the school is delivering on its responsibilities and the school managers and Principal can focus on their core tasks.

What do we do?

  • We will create a cost-effective plan that is tailored to your school's needs (age of the buildings, location, available budgets)
  • We obtain all quotes and transparently recommend the best contractor to carry out the works (based on the proposed costs, health and safety documentation and availability)

  • We engage the contractor and manage the works delivery including health and safety through the task, and inspection of the completed works
  • We certify/approve all invoicesbefore they go to the school forpayment
  • We don’t charge margin on works.

What type of work is covered under the cyclical maintenance?

  • Exterior and interior painting – following the 10YPP cyclical plan
  • Building wash (including exterior glazing)
  • Roof wash and treatment
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Cesspit cleaning.

Any other cyclical work that is specific to the school such as air handling units, boiler servicing and similar can be added but we would first discuss these needs with you to get an understanding and price accordingly.

How do we charge?

For a flat monthly fee we will develop a plan, work with you around budgets and timing, do the groundwork getting quotes, recommend to the Board of Trustees, oversee all the documentation and processes, make sure the job is done well, and then approve the contractors invoice. All the school needs to do is pay the contractors bill at the end, and work together with regards to timing.