School Property Management

Through Watershed’s experience with schools and by working with the Ministry of Education, we have built an understanding of day to day property related issues that schools are faced with and can assist in developing solutions that meet our client’s needs. Our goal is to help deliver the best quality outcome we can for your property.

Watershed has the ability to offer a wide range of services to our clients based on our experience of facility management and operations. It is important to us that the services we offer a client deliver on the needs of the client and as such have seen this evolve and grow over time. We are strong believers that a common understanding is vital to a successful delivery.

We are also experts in managing the different requirements of integrated schools and their unique structure in terms of the Proprietor, Board of Trustees and Ministry of Education expectations.

We provide a full wrap around service to a number of our school clients by providing off-site property management as well as on-site caretaking, cleaning and grounds staff. This means the school Senior Managers and Principal can focus on teaching and learning and leave the property to us.

Our tasks typically include

  • Ensure Board of Trustees vision and future requirements are protected, and policies and plans
  • Liaise on project matters between the school and outside consultants
  • Keep regular contact with contractors and building site managers to ensure the programme is proceeding according to expectations
  • Development of 10YPP and implementation of 5YA
  • Compliance including health and safety
  • Develop school property budgets in conjunction with the Finance Manager
  • Preparation of strategic plans
  • Create, manage and maintain long term landscape plans
  • Manage property staff (where appropriate)
  • Provide specialist operational advice around school swimming pools/Aquatic Centres (where applicable).

We can also manage cyclical maintenance requirements on the schools behalf; obtaining quotes, engaging contractors, inspections, sign-off, and approve invoices for payment.

This covers planned maintenance – painting interior/exterior, building wash (including windows), roof wash/treatment, gutter clear, and cesspit clearing. If there is no plan in place we will write and implement one for you. That way, the caretaker can focus on day to day tasks, the Principal can worry about teaching and learning, and we will ensure the obligations of the Board of Trustees in terms of regular asset maintenance are being met; all for a flat monthly fee.