Services at Watershed


Watershed has expertise in professional asset and project management as well as specialising in providing advice, support and services to the aquatics, recreation and education industries New Zealand wide. Watershed has a wide range of experience through having undertaken a range of projects in the education and local government sectors.

The nature of the work Watershed undertakes varies depending on the needs of the client. Previous projects include providing feasibility studies, reviews of staff and processes, staff training, problem diagnosis and solutions, project management, asset management planning, LTCCP authoring, and overall facility evaluations.

Our leading aquatics capabilities means Watershed can also provide consultancy services, including staff training, ongoing audits and on-call staff support.

We have the capability to review plans and concepts and make recommendations that reflect our experience in managing upgrades and facilities. This delivers capital and operational cost savings, as we understand the realities of running a pool and how design affects operations, and we are not afraid to challenge design thinking, or concepts when required.

All work is undertaken with consideration of meeting, or exceeding NZ standards, or industry best practice.

With this wide experience and our pragmatic approach to facility and relationship management, Watershed is able to form a complete picture of facility operations. This enables the dissimilation of key issues and stakeholder drivers in a straightforward manner that empowers our clients to make, and measure, service delivery improvements.

Careful and concise planning is the key to delivering projects on time and Watershed applies systems and communication methodology which establishes and maintains positive and trusting relationships between all parties.

As an industry leader, we have well-developed connections with a complete range of service providers from architects and consultants through to
contractors and specialised sub-contractors. These relationships are balanced at all times with a professional level of integrity and impartiality.

Watershed has developed a reputation for consistently delivering high levels of quality in the finished product as well as providing a professional level of service to our valued clients. Our effectiveness is a natural consequence of an integrated approach, vast experience, robust systems and the right amount of care. These attributes have set us apart and we want you to experience them for yourself as we look forward to the opportunity to discuss and manage your next project.

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